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Popular Services

Tech Visit  

Have an old automation system you want upgraded to the latest pool in your pocket techinology?Or upgrade you pool to be more energy efficant withe variable speed and flow technology?
With many different scallable option, we're happy to guide you in the right direction.

New Season Opening

This service includes the removing of any debris and water off pool cover, Remove cover off pool, assemble pump and filter and deck equipment, start system and initial chemicals. 


Pool Systems need maintenance and repairs. We're happy to come take a look and see what the issue might be.  


Learn the ins and outs of your swimming pool system with a comprehensive 1 on 1 training session. Become an expert pool cleaner/operator of your personal backyard oasis.

Last Minute Cleaning

Need a last minute cleaning for a big event, or has your pool guy up and disappeared? We're happy to come by to clean and treat your pool.  


Don't be caught off guard in the home buying process with unexpected pool repair costs after closing. 

Our Inspections include a comprehensive report of build type, equipment, and condition of your new pool, with photos and estimates for repair when necessary.   

End of Season Closing

This service includes placing (owners) cover on pool, remove water from suction and return lines, disassembling pump and filter plugs to protect from freeze damage. treat with algaecide and metal sequestering agent.

Minor Tile Repair

Chipping grout? loose or falling tiles? We're happy to come take a look and offer solutions. 
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